SHIMASU 5.5″ Thinning Scissor


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Available in three styles and sizes at a price point which is easy on the pocket.

Height   11mm
Width    84mm
Length   241mm

Weight  155gr

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SHIMASU Scissors

The Shimasu brand is made from J420 Japanese stainless steel and is targeted at the year 1 and 2 students, with a price point which is extremely attractive to a student’s budget yet with a quality far greater than anticipated for a scissor of this price. It comes with a full one year manufacturer’s warranty. It is available in three styles two scissors and one thinner.

Japanese stainless steel

420 J Steel is a better quality stainless steel. Smoother and shinier in appearance, this steel provides a better cutting edge than basic stainless steel, although it is often considered disposable due to its lower cost and basic quality.

440 C Steel is the most popular steel for scissor manufacture in Japan. It has a higher density which makes a smoother surface possible. This will give scissors a good all round feel and a more durable edge than 420 J steel. This steel re-sharpens well.

Hitachi Steel offers increased smoothness and the ability to re-sharpen more frequently without removing as much metal. Again these scissors are an upgrade from 440C and this steel repair’s and sharpens very well. In our opinion, the benefit of Hitachi steel is its balance of performance plus durability.


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