Established in the autumn of 2006 Diamond Edge Marketing was formed to import and distribute Japanese stainless steel hairdressing scissors..

A gap in the market place had been identified for a medium priced scissor with quality way above its price range. So the brand Samurai scissors was born.
Originally made up of three brand names Classic Pro, Fusion, and Matrix, the Samurai experience has grown over the years firstly into well regarded distributors then into over 400 Sally outlets in the UK and Eire. The brand Samurai has now moved on and three new brands have been established, Tora, Shimasu and the top quality Hasaki shears.
These three new brands have replaced the old brands of Classic Pro, Fusion and Matrix into Sally’s and other distributors
The three new brands are.

1.The Hasaki range for the senior experienced stylist combines premium Japanese Hitachi stainless steel with master quality sharpness and endurance.

2.The Tora range is a fashionable collection finished in a predominantly black flower design in Japanese stainless steel, ideal for the recently qualified professional.

3.The Shimasu range of entry/trainer level scissor.. Again made from Japanese stainless steel the range combines quality with value.

The Samurai brand will continue to develop into more than just another scissor company so watch this space for further new styles and quality lines in 2016